Human Trafficking & Child Exploitation Task Force Established

Released at: September 02, 2020
Contact: Randy Spade



Formation of Task force

Human Trafficking and Child Exploitation



Jeromesville, Ohio: Mayor Spade today announced the formation of a task force to address Human Trafficking and Child Exploitation to develop, model and implement a local government response to human trafficking and child exploitation in rural and suburban communities. 

This milestone is a major move for The Village of Jeromesville on its mission to innovate and model critical local governmental responses and solutions for the wellbeing and safety of the citizens of Ohio.


“We have the duty and the responsibility to effect real change and fight back against this vicious undercurrent of modern-day slavery,” says Randy Spade, Mayor of Jeromesville. “Of all the great things people will remember of Ohio, I am determined to do everything I can to ensure that being a hub for this criminal enterprise is not among them. It is my pleasure to establish this task force and give momentum to a movement that is committed to the fight for justice. I’m looking forward to working with the task force to model a response that any rural or suburban community can replicate and implement in what I hope will blanket our entire state in a protective shield of awareness, prevention and education.”


The task force will:


  • Research and review strategies to address Human Trafficking and Child Exploitation
  • Model a local governmental response that addresses awareness, prevention, and education for rural and suburban Ohio communities.
  • Periodically assess the programmatic efficacy and growth opportunity for the initiative.



To learn more about Jeromesville’s Task force on Human Trafficking and Child Exploitation, visit Jeromesville’s website at in the coming weeks.


About the Village of Jeromesville: Jeromesville is a rural community in Ashland County, Ohio and is home to five hundred and sixty-four patriotic Ohioans. Its administration is dedicated to creating, modeling and implementing innovative and efficient policies and programs that can be used to better the lives of all Americans through local government and grassroots initiatives.  

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